The water treatment sector is developing rapidly as there is increasing awareness about the need to use water efficiently and more regulation is being introduced on both a national and international level.

We have a dedicated business unit that specialises in the water treatment for domestic, industrial and leisure purposes. We develop a range of processes and methods for desalination, drinking water treatment, feed and process water treatment, industrial wastewater treatment and re-use of water. We pride ourselves on providing the market with a wide range of solutions for the recovery and use of water and on always putting our customers’ needs first. 

Domestic water treatment
This is the ideal solution for those wishing to have purer, healthier water in their home. We offer a wide selection of domestic deliming devices (both titrimetric and chronometric), reverse osmosis devices, filtration and disinfection units, high-pressure cylinders, deposits and feed pumps, brine deposits, and other water treatment accessories.

Desalination is a process that removes salts from seawater. We have developed a technology that separates both components in such a manner that the resulting freshwater is suitable for human consumption.

Drinking water treatment
This is the process of converting common water into drinking water. We uses and combines different technologies, processes and treatments to make this possible, while complying at all times with the quality requirements of each individual country.

Treatment of feed and process water
Among our groups of expertise are the design and supply of process plants that provide solutions for the use of industrial water using different technologies. These include filtration, chemical dosing, reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration and microfiltration, deliming, decarbonising, degassing, electrodeionisation, mixed beds, and sterilisation.

Treatment of industrial wastewater
We provide the right solution for each type of industrial waste, using different technologies and processes according to the needs of each individual client. The wastewater treatment is based on physical, chemical and biological processes which are designed to treat and remove the contaminants that are introduced by the human use of water. The aim of the treatment is to remove water that is already clean from the solid waste environment.

Water re-use
Nanofiltration, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis are among the technologies employed by us to make water re-usable. The choice of technology depends on the characteristics of the water to be treated.