WAYFIT is a world leader in engineering and construction for both private and public swimming pools (in ground and above ground pools), spa and wellness facilities.

Residential pools
In swimming pool segment we have provided solutions for professionals and the general public alike for over 40 years. Our products are distributed in specialty shops, hardware stores, fitters and large retail premises. Every year over 25,000 professionals trust the products distributed by the various brands with which we operate in the sector (AstralPool, Certikin, CTX, Gre, etc.), and 25% of all new swimming pools that are built in the world include some of our products. In addition to its functionality, each of our products provides an “added value”, such as savings on resources, cost cutting, user friendliness or sustainability. When designing our swimming pools, we ensure that they operate as a closed circuit that requires virtually no added water.

Commercial pools
As far as public swimming pools are concerned, we are a leader in the construction of pools for sporting events. We have wide-ranging experience in providing major water sport facilities, some of which include: filtration facilities for the Picornell Pools at the Barcelona Olympics in 1992, the Atlanta swimming pools in 1996, aquatic and leisure parks, spas, health centres, and thalassotherapy facilities. The floating swimming pool Skypool, which was designed entirely by us and built at the Swimming World Championships in Barcelona (2003), Shanghai (2006), Melbourne (2007) and Manchester (2008), marked a turning point in the history of swimming competitions.

Wellness & Spa
Our modern lifestyle leads us to search for absolute well-being, or wellness, in our everyday lives. Spa and thalassotherapy centres provide a perfect environment for relaxation, hydrotherapy treatments and body care. As a specialist in the water sector, we offer solutions for all wellness and spa facility projects with the AstralPool Wellma line, through a comprehensive range of services and products that include all types of product, heat and cold facilities, as well as water effects. The variety and versatility of our products, which are designed to meet the requirements of different countries with different cultures, strengthen our position as a world leader in the provision of equipment for the construction and maintenance of all types of swimming pool, aquarium, fish farm, and hydrotherapy equipment.