WAYFIT provides all the components needed to build comprehensive irrigation systems, whether for agricultural use, green spaces or residential gardens.

Our products can be found at any stage of the irrigation system; PVC and polyethylene valves, accessories, tubes and manholes which are found in wells, pumping stations, pipelines or organic irrigation equipment.

Our electro valves and programmers are also used in irrigation control and management systems. These products are designed to regulate irrigation by controlling water rates and by blocking or allowing water to flow towards the various sections of the system. Dripping irrigation systems, sprinklers, diffusers or perforated pipes are in direct contact with crops as they transport the water to the plant.

Recently, due to water scarcity in many parts of the world, we decided to promote efficient irrigation systems, such as drip irrigation. This consists of providing crops only with the amount of water they need, thus preventing waste while promoting the sustainable use of water.