wayfit-POOL-3WAYFIT is a leader in engineering and construction for both private and public swimming pools (in ground and above ground pools), spa and wellness facilities.

Residential pools
In swimming pool segment we have provided solutions for professionals and the general public. In addition to its functionality.



WATER-TREATMENT-3The water treatment sector is developing rapidly as there is increasing awareness about the need to use water efficiently and more regulation is being introduced on both a national and international level.

We have a dedicated business unit that specialises in the water treatment for domestic, industrial and leisure purposes. We develop a range of processes and methods for desalination, drinking water treatment, feed and process water treatment, industrial wastewater treatment and re-use of water. We pride ourselves on providing the market with a wide range of solutions for the recovery and use of water and on always putting our customers’ needs first.



IRRIGATION-3WAYFIT provides all the components needed to build comprehensive irrigation systems, whether for agricultural use, green spaces or residential gardens.

Our products can be found at any stage of the irrigation system; PVC and polyethylene valves, accessories, tubes and manholes which are found in wells, pumping stations, pipelines or organic irrigation equipment.



APPLIED-FLUID-HANDLING-3The fluid handling sector is highly demanding as far as quality, precision and innovation are concerned.

We have a business unit that manufactures and distributes product ranges for domestic use and other products specifically designed for industrial uses aimed at a variety of sectors, including the chemical and petrochemical sectors, cooling systems, the pharmaceutical, food, mining and naval industries.