The fluid handling sector is highly demanding as far as quality, precision and innovation are concerned.


We have a business unit that manufactures and distributes product ranges for domestic use and other products specifically designed for industrial uses aimed at a variety of sectors, including the chemical and petrochemical sectors, cooling systems, the pharmaceutical, food, mining and naval industries.

We also provide high-precision products, such as ball valves, butterfly valves or check valves to control the passage of fluid, made from different materials according to their use; we provide polyethylene accessories for the design of high-pressure fluid distribution networks (electro fusion and butt welding), PVC accessories for diverting the fluid through pipes or to block its passage, and other accessories for the sanitation and disposal of wastewater and rainwater, such as tees, bypasses, drains, etc.

Our products are applied to hydro sanitary facilities, water distribution and pumping systems, wastewater treatment and irrigation systems, automatic filtration systems, filtration plants, cooling ducts, etc.