WAYFIT is an engineering and construction company with an international proven expertise in turnkey project, WAYFIT is a premier company specializing in integrated solutions with water as a core. WAYFIT offer a comprehensive solution providing services from designing to construction & equipment that covers all phases of the project to our customers.

WAYFIT provides broad geographic presence to meet all aquatic and sport facilities projects. With our technical and economical experiences, customers will acquire a high quality work and satisfaction. WAYFIT is also a high specialized company with recognized experience skills in specific installations for the general control in building and developing as a main contractor.

WAYFIT develops a construction plan from the standard limitation of the project and all defined specification to utilize necessary resources in management that can guarantee quality of the project within the budgeted price. With our proven experiences, WAYFIT offers a complete and solvent vision to the customers and enable them to afford any type of project, from the planning, designing to final execution phase.

WAYFIT’s staffs have a technical experience in different specialties engineering, architect and all other necessary professional to carry out a turnkey project completely. Due to our broad experience in turnkey project, WAYFIT can develop a new business area for all projects with our knowhow in “Designing, Building and Managing”.